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Spring ✿ photo diary

The Chicago gloominess started getting to me, spreading through March, then April came. A warmth came in and the showers, kissed the ground and things started to look better. Bursts of color and sweet aroma started blossoming all throughout Chicago and my days got more interesting. Every day as I commuted, I saw the plants transform and flourish, and I wished I could keep that moment a second longer – so I took pictures. I’m growing a big interest in flowering plants. They have shaped our lives in so many ways that are extraordinary. I decided that in my artistic career I want to collaborate with scientists, environmentalists, & smart people and assist them in illustrating theories & scientific facts.

May was quick. I was staying up all night and finishing paintings and architecture assignments for school. I bonded a lot with the cute little cat my roommate rescued from the street. It’s been really great seeing a social little kitten grow up. I taught (I like to think that) him how to play fetch. I’ve also bonded with the roof of my apartment. It’s been great to admire the Chicago skyline at beautiful times this past year.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve completed another year of University. I am proud of myself for following through and learning so much this year. It has done me such good to be surrounded by constant creativity and be challenged with new ideas.  I was in an architecture class that required I explore Chicago buildings. I choose to study light sources for my final thesis, so I looked at the greater role they play in architecture. Life can be interesting when constantly learning and living “artfully”.  If I were an architect, I would design my buildings like sculptures with purpose.

Now that summer is here, I’m really looking forward to exercising different kinds of freedom. I felt a lot of anxiety in not doing everything that I could be doing. I’m pretty impatient, and I need to keep reminding myself to be present. Some days I just want to hop on a plane and explore the world. I’m really happy that I have decided to go back to school, though. I really want to take advantage of the education at my disposal – there are so many other young girls like me who would do anything to have it.

The other day, Chris & I walked through a marshy field with long grass that tickled my ankles and we went inside a cozy white tree covered in beautiful flowers. Our adventures left me covered in sunshine-yellow pollen. It kept making me daydream about being a beekeeper surrounded by beautiful love, forests and postcard mountains. So romantic.

I’ve been able to appreciate the world so much more lately. I thank my eyes (& nature/science documentaries).

These pictures were taken throughout Spring, enjoy ✿




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