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Party Kids

As a college kid (& just a young person, really), it’s no surprise that I’m often going to (& lately throwing) parties. I’m friends with a lot of musicians, so these parties tend to include moshpits or mellow swaying to live band performances. I’ve been capturing these shows since I was 16 back in high school.  Looking back, I’m grateful to have captured memories not only for me but for my friends to look back on as well. When I’m hanging out with friends, the way I capture changes. I take the laid back environment as an opportunity to just be playful and to experiment. It’s fun to think about looking back at these photos in 30 years. Sometimes I’m able to see the present as the past & everything looks different. All of the clothing, people, objects, & styles currently around us are constantly changing, and in a sense, staying in the past. I’m constantly trying to capture these fleeting moments.

(Big thank you to all friends and strangers for always allowing me to capture your life [even tho I take pics without you noticing sometimes])

These photos were captured throughout the last couple months, enjoy ♥ ✌ ★ ♫ ✿

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