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Finally, after a cold, harsh winter, things are new. Standing in the newly lush greenery, I breathe in the spring air and feel renewed. 

This past month I got a brand new camera &  lens. I’m so in love with it.

Chris & I took a walk under the scattered shower skies. The clouds were so kindly diffusing light everywhere you could see. The grass was released from the confinement of gray slush and grew wild.  We laid in the damp grass for a moment.

The air was filled with such a sweet floral aroma. 

Life sprouts every inch, intertwining . Little sunshines peek through and kiss our feet as we walk through a field.

I explored a little carnival in a nearby town. The sun was shy that day and the day was breezy. As soon as I walked in, I obediently followed the sweet smell of roasted corn. It was some much needed warmth on a cold day.

I drive down to the city to spend time with friends.

My camera is an extension of my eyes. I photograph what I see and at this point in my life I see college kids all around me. It’s a strange but interesting time.

This warm weather has allowed me to sleep with my windows open. I often wake up right before sunrise and sleepily admire the golden rays coming through my window and listen to the pretty morning songs the birds chirp away. 

I’ve been so happy about  rainy days because I know that they will yield greenery.

I was excited about all the blooming flowers so I ran through the fields and accidentally jumped in a big puddle of mud. 

I make sure to take in all the pretty hues before they wither away.

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June 3, 2014 - 1:29 pm

Ella Ruth - These photos are so beautiful! I love the way you capture life :]

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