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Mi mama tells me that when I was born I would calmly stare at everyone. My big brown eyes followed people as they moved around me. How creepy and true that still is.

My camera is an extension of my body and it helps me read my environment and respond to it. I walk presently, my eyes scan and contemplate my surroundings. Ideas, culture, and connections unravel as I find illumination through others.

There’s an invisible force that binds us all. I’m inspired by the subconscious connection that happens when you lock eye’s with a stranger that walks past you as both of your faces come in focus with proximity. Sometimes when capturing, impulsive jolts prompt me to follow people for a minute.

I watched a documentary about street photographers as I edited these images. It excited me to hear other photographers tell stories and hear about their process.  Once everything is gone, what will we have in the archive that will tell and reveal what this time was like? I try to envision things through future eyes. I see the objects and cultures around me as dated.  My position of a documenter influences me to make a recognition of materials and ideas by photographing them. I’m cataloging my own history. One shitty pic at a time.

some photographs taken Oct-Nov (-:  ⬇


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